Parenting By Design!?

Many of you know I have a love for Human Energy Design, a tool that I consider to be the most transformational personal empowerment tool on the planet.  

What you might not know about me is that I have an amazing sister, Maggie Self who is a Parenting Specialist and Child Advocate. www, 

Maggie's passion and specialty is to champion children while working with parents to provide tools, techniques and strategies for empowering the genius within each child along with maintaining their spiritual authenticity.

In honoring each child where they are and supporting families to manage the energies of the household, Maggie has also embraced Human Design as a transformational parenting tool. 

Join Maggie and me for a li'l Tuck Talk and learn practical and effective strategies for communicating, creating harmony and empowering parent-child relationships that honor yourself as well as your child.

Listen Here: Parenting By Design!?

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