Forever Selfish! Are you putting YOU first?

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I've been thinking you all....which for me can be dangerous sometimes!!

Are you afraid to be you? Are you bold about who you are? Do you freely share your gifts and talents?

Or, do you worry about what "they" will think if you dare unleash your "rebelicious" spirit and "toot your horn" to the world?!

As a southern woman I was encouraged to focus on others and make "them" feel special. I was taught it's a li'l conceited and arrogant to talk about myself or express my truth out loud. Was this the same for you?

From my experience Southern women from my era aren't always comfortable with their power. They question who they are, what they are here to do and whether they have permission to follow their heart and soul. It's easier not to rock the boat sometimes, to avoid being bold and asking for what they want. I bet this is true for women everywhere, not just southern women, yes?

These women are brilliant and resourceful. They're fun loving and playful. They've learned to be chameleons, becoming what they need to be, shifting roles from moment-to-moment; charming and graceful, weak and subservient or strong and powerful. They're equipped to do it all.

So what's in the way? What has these women stay stuck and small?

I believe these women are looking for is a way to connect to their power, own it and confidently share it with the world - without feeling guilty, shameful or most of all selfish. These women are itching to put themselves first. They know the truth of who they are and they're looking for the catalyst and support to get them there.

How about you? Are you owning your power? Do you put yourself first? Do you love yourself so unconditionally that you fearlessly follow your inner rebel and soul?

I've created a very revealing li'l survey for you. If you'll take a moment I believe you'll discover just how fearless you really are.  

Find out if you're aligned with your power, if you put yourself first, if you're loving yourself so completely and unconditionally that you boldly express and share your talents and gifts with the world full out and on your terms.  

Go ahead, be bold. Have a li'l fun. See where you are on your path to unleashing your inner rebel to feel your freedom, liberation and bold self-expression. Empower yourself and own your "fabulousness".

Access your survey here: Are You A Rebel Belle?

To your "rebelicious" power.....

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