Celebrate YOU ~ Do A Li'l Something For YOU!

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Do you ever have days where you question who you are, what you are here to do and whether what you are doing is in alignment with your deepest hearts desires?

I still have times when I forget the truth about who I am, or find myself stuck in the muck and mire of a mundane world.

These days don't have to last. When I have days like this I go to my Freedom Tool Kit and one of my 7 'rebelicious' steps ALWAYS guides me back to joy, freedom and most of all ease.

When I'm worn out from taking care of others or burnt out from trying to make things happen, Step One in The Rebel-ution - A Woman's 'Rebelicious' Guide to Freedom, Liberation & Bold Self-Expression reminds me to TAKE CARE OF ME, love me and celebrate me. It reminds me to be selfish....Yes selfish.

Taking care of myself and putting me first requires BOLDNESS and a strong sense of self. It requires asking MY HEART what I need to be nurtured, encouraged and inspired.  And, it requires trusting my answer.

Are you taking care of you? Are you putting your first?
(Remember: Step #1: A Rebel Belle celebrates that SHE is the center of her Universe.)

If you are...fabulous! You rock!

If you aren't, I encourage you to take a walk on the wild side today.

Do something for yourself. BE selfish.

Go ahead....be bold about it. Take a long luxurious bath. Go shopping. Put on your favorite music and dance as if no one is watching. Watch your favorite movie, go out for dinner or better yet......order out for dinner. Call your best friend. Do whatever blows your skirt up!

Experience the freedom of doing what YOU want to do.

Your "Rebelicious" assignment for the week, do one fabulous thing for your self every day. Brighten your own day. Nurture you, express you, celebrate you, and love you. It's empowering!

If you're ready to celebrate you and put yourself first claim your Belle with Balls Focus Session now!

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