The Living On Purpose Global Telesummit

Are you living on purpose?

What what could you do, what could you have and who could you be if you lived your unique and truly inspired life?

You can!

Thousands are sharing the free international tele-event that's going on right now: The "Living on Purpose - Global Telesummit", a gathering of over 21 of the world's leading visionaries on living an inspired, more purposeful life.

It's the "wake up call" for all you sleepwalkers, half-steppers, fear-challenged, too-busy BUT deeply passionate people.

Immerse yourself in the wisdom of over 21 of the world's leading visionaries about living an inspired life. Absorb every bit of heart-lifting insight directly from these thought leaders as they speak LIVE over the web to the entire world.

This is the transformation event of the year. Grab a ticket and join this worldwide movement.

Here are the thought leaders who will lead you to your deeper, more purposeful and inspired life...

* NY Times Bestselling author Gregg Braden explains "The  Science of Miracles"

* NY Times Bestselling author Marci Shimoff teaches you how to be "Happy for No Reason" from her bestselling book

*Visionary Jennifer McLean reveals your inner purpose through her dramatic "Soul Songs" and in "The Big Book of You"

*Dr. Alex Loyd instructs you on his revolutionary "The Healing Codes"

*Inspirational leader and bestselling author Alan Cohen reveals how to "Dare to Be Yourself"

*Master teacher T. Harv Eker reveals the "Millionaire Mindset"
*Inspired intuitive Hans Christian King delivers "Stop Searching and Start Living"

*Dr. Robert Anthony unveils the secrets of "Beyond Positive Thinking"

*Inspiration for Fortune 500 leaders, Chris Howard, explains how to "Turn Passion into Profits"
*Transformational leader Janet Attwood uncovers your passion in "The Passion Test"

*...and much more!

I'm excited! Want to join me?

Know your deeper purpose, wake up inspired and live fearlessly. This is your invitation to a life lived on purpose

I'm off to be inspired.........


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