Are You Celebrating Your Uniqueness?

Folks I received an email today definitely worth sharing. It came in response to the following:

Why do you think that the majority of women choose "False" for these 3 questions?

I celebrate my uniqueness and always put myself first. 
I love myself completely and unconditionally.
I'm comfortable tooting my horn. 

These questions are included in my "Are You A Rebel Belle?" survey. Almost every woman completing this survey also scores themselves "True" for being confident and bold about who they are, accessing and trusting their inner power, being playful and going for what they want. 

So why do they hesitate to put themselves first, celebrate their uniqueness and talk about how fabulous they are.

My 3 reasons are:
 Women feel "guilty" about being "selfish".
"Tooting our horns" is arrogant and conceited.
HOW would we celebrate? We weren't taught how!

The email response I received today:
I always feel as if I am bragging, and that was taught to be impolite.
My teachers said that patting your self on the back was conceited, and prideful, and that was a "sin"!
I was told people "hate" others who brag about themselves, and who wants to be hated?

Whew!  We've got serious conditioning, yes?!? I wonder why that is? I could take a guess but I'd love your feedback.  I invite you to share your top 3 reasons women don't unconditionally love themselves, put themselves first, celebrate their uniqueness and "toot their horns!"

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