So You Think You're a Good Listener?

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I've had the great fortune in my coaching career of studying, mentoring and training with a Master Coach of Listening, Dr. Carol McCall of the Institute for Global Listening and Communication. Dr. Carol was a pioneer in the arena of coaching along with the well known Thomas Leonard, founder of Coachville, School of Coaching. Dr. McCall's life's work and mission is to strengthen relationships one conversation at a time using The 9 Tools of Empowered Listening.

I'M EXCITED TO SHARE Dr. McCall is expanding her reach and exposure to a greater number of individuals and groups via her new webinar format.

For those who may never be able to hear her speak or attend one of her seminars due to geographical, time or cost restrictions, it is now possible to "listen" from your home, to one of the most powerful forces for coaching and listening on the planet.

Join Dr. McCall for her live on-line sessions presented and offered on 3 dates: July 28, 29, and 30 2009 at 12 - 1:30 PT/2 -3:30 ET. For more information download the Press Release here. "So You Think You're a Good Listener?"

Listen ~ There's a World Waiting to be Heard

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