Self-Expression ~ Looking Beyond Form

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Life offers many paths for self-expression. None of them are the "right" path. None of them are the "right" form. Trying to be the perfect form, or image, and trying to find the perfect work or mate is exhausting and frustrating. It misses the point of life.

Life is an opportunity for growth, transformation and change. Each moment births something new. It holds the potential for a new expression and experience of essence.

Being attached to the form of your expression is being attached to your past. It's judging your experiences, and wishing things were playing out in a difference way. It's being bound by time. It's not trusting enough to "just let go", and love "what is". 

Letting go brings freedom. It looks beyond form, and beyond perceptions. It brings freedom to experience each moment, to create spontaneously, and to love without conditions.

Create playfully and spontaneously today. Love without conditions. And....Enjoy the form of your amazing and unique expression.

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