Happiness & Joy... NOW!

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Take a moment and recall the last time you felt truly HAPPY and JOYFUL. Notice where you were, and what you were doing. Get a clear picture of that time and the feelings you were experiencing. Now..... I'll bet you can even call up another memory, and another, and another. And, I'll bet you were feeling FABULOUS!

QUESTION: Was your life perfect at the time? Had you reached your dream state in every area of life, such as your finances, relationships, body image or career? 

I'm guessing your answer is no, just like mine. My thinking is that as you look back on these memories, you notice that you didn't care about the imperfections and uncertainties of your life. You transcended any and all insecurities, anxiousness, frustration or disappointment about not having what you desired. You experienced Happiness & Joy in that momentary NOW.

Be Happy NOW. BE Joyful NOW. Find something beautiful to appreciate and be grateful for. Put your worries to the side. Throw caution to the wind. Bring love and playfulness to everything you do....NOW.

When you do, possibilities are endless, and the Happiness & Joy you feel will expand out into the Universe....and back again.....all in a power packed NOW!

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