Are You in a Reality Loop?

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Dr. John F DeMartini believes that the quality of your life is directly related to the quality of the questions you ask yourself each day. I invite you to ponder  this question during the week ahead.....

"Why do we keep repeating the same reality? Why do we keep having the same relationships? Why do we keep getting the same jobs over and over again? In this infinite field of potential around us how come we keep recreating the same realities? Isn't it amazing that we have options and potential that exists but we are unaware of them? Is it possible that we are so conditioned to our daily lives; so conditioned to the way we create our lives, we buy the idea that we have no control at all? You've been conditioned to believe that the external world is more real than the internal world. "
   ~ Dr. Joe Dispenza (What the Bleep Do We Know)

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