Did You Ever Want to be Your Mom?

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Women are always being tested...but ultimately, each of us has to define who we are individually and then do the very best job we can to grow in to.
~ Hillary Rodham Clinton                                                 
Did you ever want to be your Mom or the trusted group of women in her circle of friends? Did you imitate, emulate and practice "being" them? I did. Perhaps because I had enormous respect for who they were and how they lived their lives.

 As a young girl, my girlfriends and I would dress up in our mom's clothes, shoes, jewelry, scarves and earrings and pretend to be these fabulous women. We'd host tea parties, bridge clubs, and other social gatherings. Just as we'd seen our mom's do, we would daintily drink our cups of tea and coffee (totally sugared) and smoke our cigarettes (candy of course).

We'd socialize, share our frustrations, tell secrets, and talk about our deepest desires. We'd seen our     Mom's embrace these moments of their ya-ya sisterhood, where they were free to pamper themselves,  let their hair down, laugh and play. 

More...I watched and learned from these amazing women who took pleasure in their role of keeping the home fires burning, while men worked to maintain the family standard of living. Strength, generosity, independence, and playfulness defined these women. Loving, nurturing, and enormously talented, they worked tirelessly in their families, churches, and communities serving their passions and making a difference in the world.

As The Rebel Belle, A Southern Voice for Bold Self-Expression, I often make light of the southern roots that have been the catalyst for defining my life. I'm in awe of the women who've influenced and inspired me, and am tremendously grateful for the roles they've modeled. These women taught me AMAZING TRUTHS that empower me today, to live my boldest voice of self-expression, full out and on my terms!

CELEBRATE with me all the amazing women in your life, who generously and passionately share their truths with you. Let them know you appreciate their courage, honesty, independence and inspiration. Take them out for dinner, a cup of tea, or simply share how they've positively influenced your life, and helped define your individuality, and who you are today.  

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