Amazing Truths About Southern Women

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I recently had the joy of interviewing a group of southern women. Here are a few AMAZING TRUTHS they shared and revealed:

• Every Southern woman desires to love and be loved for who she is. To love and serve others juices her spirit. To be accepted for who she is expands her possibilities, fuels her spirit, and rocks her world.

• Every Southern woman desires to fully and powerfully express her uniqueness and speak her truth. It is innate within her, to do otherwise will dim her light and diminish her spirit.

• Every Southern woman feels her calling to make a difference. Innate within her is the desire to serve, nurture, teach and empower herself, others, and the world with her mission.

• Every Southern woman has a desire for a sisterhood. She searches for other women of like mind, women who will accept and acknowledge her for who she is. She is juiced by women who share her enthusiasm for life, and by those who listen to and champion her dreams.

• Every Southern woman has a desire for fun. She knows when to work and she knows when to play. She loves to laugh. Kickin' her skirt up and letting her hair down, she's poised to rock the world with her juicy and joyful spirit.

In fact, after interviewing women from the south, I moved on to the north, east and west. And, you know what? WE'RE ALL FRICKIN' AMAZING.

I discovered we all have the same desires to love, serve, express our uniqueness and share our playfulness with the world. I discovered .....

Every Southern woman is EVERY WOMAN. She shares the same hopes, fears and dreams of living the life she desires - boldly expressing her voice to the world, full out and on her terms!

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