Are You in SYNC with Your Soul's Purpose?

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• Are you moving through your days with the free flowing spontaneity of intuition?

• Are you following your heart?

• Or, do you feel a li'l off course, maybe even temporarily derailed as you navigate change while charting your course in your relationships, work, personal, and spiritual life?

Perhaps you haven't found your own voice and power. Maybe you lack a li'l confidence in making choices, and being the master of your own path.

Finding your Soul's Purpose is finding your freedom. It's pure magic. It's discovering your inner navigation "mechanism" for aligning with your heart and soul, and your greater purpose.

In a recent Boomer Yak podcast interview with Lynn Ward, The Red Hot Mama, we experienced a li'l free flowing spontaneity with her soul purpose. Listen to the interview here. (The Life Purpose exercise is in the 2nd recording)

For your reference download The Rebel Belle Soul Purpose Playsheet here.

Grab a pencil, listen and follow along as Lynn and I playfully "Sync" her with her Soul's Purpose, creating a magical, meaningful, and morphable Soul Purpose Statement.

If you'd like assistance getting "In Sync" with your Soul's Purpose, email or call (803) 736-9240. I'd love to be your guide.

Live with Passion, Purpose and Play!

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