Changing Your Matrix

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Your thoughts form a construct of energy called the Matrix. The Matrix is your literal agreement with the Universe about what your reality will be. Your thinking and your Matrix set up the energy for how you see and experience people, events and circumstances in your life.

Your Matrix acts as a filter for what is allowed into your reality. If your Matrix consists of thoughts of joy, creativity and ease, you will allow these experiences, and your life will reflect this reality. If your Matrix consists of struggles, fears and judgments, these will be your experiences of reality.

Here's the FABULOUS NEWS! You can change your reality any time you desire. You can release these thought forms and can change your agreement with the Universe. You can reconstruct your Matrix with your soul's desires for joy, creativity, ease, abundance, flow, freedom, fun and much, much more.

Let's look at how. Choose an area of your life you'd like shift... and tune in for my next post!

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