Are You Fully Expressing Your Soul?

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Folks, many women come to me feeling stuck, frustrated, and confused. They're tired of living up to the expectations of others, and the rules and roles that run their life. They're ready to shift to roles that feed and express their soul.

THEN THEIR FEARS SHOW UP. That li'l voice in their head starts telling them they don't know how, they might screw it up, they won't be accepted or they won't have support.

What do you think keeps them from fearlessly sharing their boldest voice of self-expression and fully expressing their soul?

Join me over at "Tuck Talk" for my interview with May's Belle with Balls.  Suzanne Falter-Barns of How Much Joy and Get Known Now passionately shares why she came out of hiding to live her dream; big, bold, loud, free, full out and on her terms!

You can too!

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