What Do People Come to You For?

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I loved contemplating and pondering Ali Rodriquez's question "What's Your Intellectual Cleavage?"

Ali says, "Focus on two or three things that you do better than anyone else, and for which, folks come to you to ask you to solve some of their problems with what you have in that intellectual cleavage of yours. Then use your talents in an alluring way, each time you have an opportunity to speak your mind. Do this not all at once, but just little by little. You already have the talent, all you need is, 'practice', 'practice', 'practice', and soon Boredom in The Boardroom will be transformed to Cleavage in the Boardroom, and you will be The Shining Star"!

My response: My intellectual cleavage? Hmmm...

People come to me for the Truth. I'm pretty bold in how I share. I call it like I see it. And, I'm able to make challenges and "facing your Issues" Fun.

Truth, Issues and Fun! ~ Hear the Truth, face your Issues and turn it into Fun!

I am a great listener. I hear you soul. I love engaging your soul. And, yes...I love to Talk...talk...talk, Listen, and Create. A bit ole dose of TLC!

Is my cleavage showing?!?

Now it's YOUR turn. Share your talents and genius with me. What do people come to you for? What do they ask you to solve with what you have in your intellectual cleavage?

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