The Commanding Presence of Cleavage

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 "There is nothing more fascinating than a woman who owns her sex appeal and her power; it speaks volumes. "                   ~ Ashley Rothschild

Folks, I love this article, and evidently the topic of BOOBAGE. Breasts seem to be front and center (no pun intended) in the news.  I was drawn to read the six rules for "best breast etiquette" from the author of bOObs: A Guide to Your Girls (Seal Press, 2007).

Here's a Rebel Belle summary of the rules. Be sure to read the article and rules in their entirety. 

Rule #1: Acknowledge the Obvious
A Rebel Belle Yell! for "breast power". Sex sells, and cleavage has power.

Rule #2: Sometimes Less Is More
Does success rest on your chest? What does your image communicate? Too much boobage might send the wrong message for your profession

Rule #3: More is More
Work with your cleavage. It's a fabulous accessory. If you're looking to distract people, it's an excellent tool.

Rule #4: Be Age-Appropriate
In your quest for perky breast, remember gravity. Support your girls. Be sexy, but appropriate and remember......crinkled cleavage ain't pretty.

Rule#5: Always Flatter Your Rack
Put your best breasts forward and gussy up your girls.

Rule #6: Be Adaptable
"Think outside the bra." And learn to work ALL your assets. 

A Rebel Belle Yell! for the closing....

SELF-CONFIDENCE can often be the sexist thing you can wear. I'm adding......SELF-LOVE and SELF-ACCEPTANCE!

Article: The 6 Rules of Cleavage
    How Much is Too Much?
    By Shanna Thompson, LifeScript Staff Writer

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