Online Social Networking - I Loved Debbie's Rant!

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Thank you Debbie Call of Spirit in Gear for sharing your bold voice of self-expression about Online Social Networking. It got my juices flowing. My sentiments exactly....for NOW.

I recently created a Facebook presence as a social networking tool. This comes on the heels of a MySpace page I created last May. Why, I've even created my own Rebel Belle Group on Facebook. My intention? To create AMAZING CONVERSATIONS with AMAZING WOMEN!

As I shared in an earlier blog post this week, I love contemplating life, asking questions, being inspired and having my beliefs challenged, every now and then. It rocks my world and keeps me juiced actually.

Here's my perspective on Online Social Networking....TODAY. (I too reserve the right to change my mind at a later time if I'm inspired to do so.)

Some moments, I'm enthralled, engaged and stimulated with who people are, where they're from, what they do, and how I can support them in sharing their bold voice of self-expression with the world. When others challenge my thinking, make me smile, ask provocative questions, stimulate and inspire me to expand my beliefs, I'm juiced!

Social networking is a fabulous way to "make new friends and keep the old" (Girl Scouts circa 1964)

Then, there are other times, where the sheer site of my Facebook home page is TOTALLY EXHAUSTING. I'm like WTF? Is this all people do? How can I possibly keep up?

You know what though? If I didn't have social networks, I'd have never met Debbie Call, the fabulous Nancy Marmolejo, Suzanne Bird-Harris, Andrea AmadorMichele PW, Brenda Cote and many, many more amazing and inspiring women that rock my world.

So....for NOW...I'll exercise choice. If I'm lonely, have a desire to network, looking for feedback or inspired to engage in amazing conversations with amazing women, I'll call on my southern social graces and go to work, or what this Rebel Belle fondly refers to as "Social Play".

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