BOOBS? What's the Skinny?

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What's all this talk about BOOBS???

Remember I shared that I love amazing conversations with amazing women? Patricia Howard & Johanna McCloy are two such women. Co-creators and Co-Editors, they have something FABULOUS going on over at Dare To Be Fabulous. Here's one of their "fabulous and daring" columns. It totally caught my attention....

BOOBS! What's the Skinny?  "I love my small boobs!"

The SKINNY BITCH is on a rant. Rory Freedman is on a rant about boobs...HER BOOBS. In her boldest voice of self-expression she's proudly proclaiming ownership of 32A-minus boobs.

Rory didn't always feel this way. A fair share of her time was spent critiquing and wanting to change her 32-A boobs as well as her thighs, stomach and ass. Not any more.

Rory says whether yours are big, small, saggy, or pert: LOVE YOUR BOOBS. And, while you're at it, love your fat ass too.

A fabulous article and a juicy topic don't ya think?

So, what about you? Do you love your boobs? What do you love and celebrate about you?

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