Amazing Women, Amazing Conversations

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Folks, it blows my skirt up to have amazing conversations with amazing women. I love contemplating life, asking questions, being inspired and having my beliefs challenged every now and then.

I've recently perused the blogashpere searching for inspiring, amazing and challenging questions, from inspiring, amazing and fabulous women. Look what I've found!

My friend Suzanne Bird-Harris over at Learning Curve Blog is asking the question, "Do You Know Who You Are?" I LOVE this question! It's a question that's had me on a quest of self-discovery most of my life. My answer changes daily, weekly, annually...heck my answer changes moment to moment.  So....a better question might be, "Who am I becoming?"

How about you? Do you ponder this question? Do You Know Who You Are?

I'm delighted to share The Rebel Belle Who Am I? Worksheets and Meditation Kit with you. I've created them to inspire and challenge you to ponder this very question. Enjoy and engage with me on this playground of life!

HERE'S MY ANSWER to this question from a recent Rebel Belle Yell! newsletter article entitled: My Story.....My Soul Truth Owning and Radiating YES to the world!

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