The Juice is Gone!

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Many couples, according to Dr. John F DeMartini are in relationship by default. They not fulfilled or as I call it, "squeezing the juice" anymore.

They pour their passion into other areas of life - their career, family, community or physical appearance.  THE JUICE IS GONE!

Is the juice in your relationship gone? Want to get it back or just crank things up a notch?


• What trait or characteristic about your partner pushes your buttons?
• Do you expect him/her to change?

EVERY human being wants to be loved and appreciated for WHO THEY ARE, not WHO YOU WANT THEM TO BE. How about you? How do you feel when your partner projects his/her expectations onto you?

ASK YOURSELF, "How does his/her trait or characteristic that pushes my buttons serve me?" Hmmm....

Now, MAKE A LIST, in fact make a LONG LIST, of just how grateful you are for this trait, and how it serves your life.  Add to this list every day. Do this for a week.

You'll be crankin' and juicin' in no time at all!

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