Freedom - An Essence of Being

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In my "Life is Amazing" blog post last week about the Cryes Café Gratitude video, I made reference to ESSENCE WORDS. I'd like to take a moment to define what I mean when I talk about "ESSENCE" WORDS. The thesaurus defines essence as follows:

More...aspect, attribute, authority, basis, being, character, constitution, core, crux, element, essentia, evidence, form, foundation, fundamental, groundwork, heart, important part, infrastructure, individuality, lifeblood, main idea, marrow, meaning, meat, nature, origin, point, primary element, principal, quality, quintessence, reality, root, source, soul, spirit, structure, stuff, substance.

ESSENCE words describe feelings and states of being. They describe how I feel when I'm doing what I love to do, how I feel when I am in awe of myself, others and the world, lost in the moment, connected to my Source for being here.

ESSENCE WORDS represent the desires of my soul, how I communicate to spirit. It is through this language of essence the Universe brings my deepest hearts desires. One of my favorite ESSENCE WORDS is FREEDOM. When I experience freedom, I feel a sense of connection and oneness with the Universe that rocks my world.

Did you see the movie Chariots of Fire? Do you remember the statement of the Olympic runner in that movie ? "When I am running, I feel God's pleasure." This is essence and the feeling experience it brings.

RUNNING IS FREEDOM FOR ME, freedom in my body, freedom of movement, freedom from the mind chatter that normally occupies my day and much, much more.   I am at one.

When I am open, when I am in gratitude, when I'm immersed in the passion of doing what I love to do, I am in awe, I am imbued with Source, and I AM FREEDOM, the ESSENCE of my being.

What are your ESSENCE words? What are the words that describe how you feel when you're doing what you love to do?

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