Are You Working on Purpose?

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I don't know what your destiny will be, but one thing I do know: the only ones among you who will be really happy are those who have sought and found how to serve.                    ~ Albert Schweitzer

Do you know people who are inspired by their work?

These people exude their juicy spirit and enthusiasm. They love what they do. They genuinely care about the folks they work with and the people they serve.  Their passion and joy come from deep within.

Contrast this to people who are uninspired, overwhelmed, always complaining or asking for more money. They choose their work because it's all they know, it pays the bills, it's what others expect of them or they're afraid to build a career doing what they love.


More...Inspired people are clear, passionate and focused. When they work they are "on purpose". They know who they are and the difference they want to make in the world. They're clear on their values and what they love to do. Job satisfaction and fulfillment is their responsibility, not others.

Let's take two individuals with the same work description. One has a job, yet the other impacts people's lives every day. One is stressed and overwhelmed, while the other is energized, excited and challenged by the work they do.


PURPOSE is what you are called to do. It's your innate desire to express your talent, share your genius, and connect to something greater than yourself.

Ponder these questions to help you work on Purpose:

Am I expressing my talents, skills and highest values?
Am I inspired and fulfilling my mission?
Am I aligned with the vision of my company and serving the needs of my fellow human beings?

How 'bout you......are you working on purpose?

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