Amazing Grace

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Imagine all of these events happening to you within one short year:

• You go into business with your best friend. Nine months into the partnership she asks you to leave. The partnership and a life long friendship is dissolved in a mere twenty minute conversation.

• You and your husband decide to divorce. As you seek support to dissolve the relationship, you find all the literature to be thoroughly antagonistic, which is the opposite of how you both feel about one another.

• You have been diagnosed with a rare, fatal lung disease and THIS is the year, according to your doctors that you are supposed to die.

These events did occur in the life of Maureen McCarthy. They were the catalysts that compelled Maureen to examine every belief and story she was buying into. And, go on to create the most innovative and radical document being used in personal and business venues around the globe - The State of Grace Document.

Listen at "Tuck Talk" to the amazing Maureen McCarthy. She will inspire and empower you to live in a State of Grace.

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