Nothing is Missing...

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Yesterday as I wrote my gratitude list for Sandra's blog, I found myself looking for all the things in life that I love, that I'm passionate about and that rock my world. I certainly wasn't focused on what was missing. 

My friend and mentor Philippe Matthews says most of our time is spent unconsciously thinking about what is missing and void in our lives. And, that our voids drive our value systems. Whatever we think is missing in life will run our life. 

THE TRUTH IS THAT NOTHING IS MISSING. Everything that could ever be created already is and already has been created. The specific form we're looking for (and think is missing) is there, it's just dispersed in the many. Our job is to become frequency specific to the form we desire (and think is missing).

How we do that is through GRATITUDE. We look for what we think is missing and recognize it in other forms. We align with and have gratitude for what already is. And, as we practice GRATITUDE, we practice that pre-existing potential.

What are you looking for in life? What do you think is missing?

THINK ABOUT IT. Then, take out a sheet of paper and start writing. Look for all the ways you already have this thing you're looking for. It's MANY forms. You get to recognize and appreciate those other forms. Don't stop. Write 'til you have at least 25 or even 50. As you do this you will become frequency specific to those forms, and collapse them back into the ONE form you desire.

Pretty cool huh? Try it....I think you'll like it. It might even rock your world!

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