Manifesting Reality - Hit or Miss for You?

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Fact: There is a plateau inherently invisible and a definitive shelf life in all religions and indoctrinations regardless of how free-thinking or new thinking it claims to be, including new thought metaphysics and traditional self-help systems.

Fact: At some point, your current theology will stop working and you will reach debilitating plateaus and repeating realities until you understand the biological/neurological process that is keeping you stuck in life.

Fact: This distinctive biological and psychological mechanism is designed to keep your intentions and manifestations in a reality loop; causing your spiritual leaders, teachers and advisors to tell you to, "try harder," "pray harder," and "sacrifice more."

More...Have you ever wondered why you have hit and miss manifestations backed with extreme lows, you've been studying new thought metaphysics, religious science and other avant garde religions and still have yet to manifest the reality you desire?

Find out why..... Join me Monday evening, December 17th for an interview with Philippe Matthews, Radical Researcher, Philosopher and Facilitator of the Conscious Creation Course.

SHOCKtheology: Unveiling the Seven Modern-Day Theological Myths About GOD That Most Ministers Don't Want You To Know!

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