Gratitude - Making the Most of Your Moments!

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Folks, there's been lots of talk and blogging about Gratitude recently. My good friend Suzanne Bird-Harris is on Day #13  of her 40 Stories of Gratitude Challenge. It warms my heart and soothes my soul to read how excited people are to love and embrace their fabulous life, every moment of it!

LIFE IS AMAZING. How exciting it is that we have the opportunity to feel, emote, have passion and zest for and the priviledge to create our life.

How's life working for you? Are you manifesting all your desires? Are you fufilled? Or, are you challenged by circumstances, struggling to get by or settling for the same old, same old?

My good friends over at The Cyres Cafe of Dreams (Create Your Reality Experience Self) are making the most of their moments. They're squeezing the juice out of every second, laughing, sharing, savoring, appreciating and celebrating life.

Let's join 'em! 

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