The Secret of What Holds You Back…

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Have no fear, The Rebel Belle is here!

How would you like to…. Discover where you’re spinning your wheels? Break through your fears and conditioning? Live from your power, freedom and joy, rather than guilt, shame and blame? How can you do this? With a fabulous little tool called The Human Energy Design, and yes, I know it sounds scientific, hard, perhaps even boring in name. Not true, this is an AMAZING tool. Take a look at my bodygraph.
This is the body image, an image we refer to as the human design chart. These geometric shapes are called centers. They are like chakra centers each with a specific function and way to process energy. Centers are either colored in or white. When a center is colored the energy is consistent and reliable. When white we call it open. THE OPEN CENTERS are where you are deeply influenced by the environment, and are therefore not consistent or reliable. These areas hold conditioned and patterned behaviors that hold you back. Living from white, open conditioned centers keeps you in fear, hanging on to old forms, beliefs and comfort zones that no longer serve your life. You live from who you are not, rather than boldly from who you are. You live from a place of disempowering choices that close your life off to the fabulous gift of you. Do you know your chart? Which of your centers are OPEN? HERE’S AN EXERCISE: Observe the areas of life where you feel stuck, spinning your wheels, trying to achieve success and happiness? What are your patterns in this area? What is the conversation repeated over and over in your head. Match your open centers with the self limiting questions on the “Living from the Not Self” chart and begin your de-conditioning. Learn the secret of what holds you back.....

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