I Love Myself Completely and Unconditionally….

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You know what? I haven’t always been able to say that... but today, it’s true. I LIKE BEING ME! I even enjoy being a li’l selfish, putting myself first and occasionally TOOTIN’ my horn. Is that ARROGANT? Some people think so. It must be how come many women give a “False” response to the following “Are you Livin’ Your BellePower?” survey questions: • I love myself completely and unconditionally (53% False) • I celebrate my uniqueness and always put myself first. (65.3% False) • I’m comfortable tootin’ my horn. (51.3% False) • And... I am squeezing the juice and joy from my journey doing what I love to do. (48.7 % False) Wow. WTF? How would YOU answer these questions? I’d love to know…… If you haven't taken the survey...what are ya waitin' for?

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