SHOCK Your Mind! TeleSeminar

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Blow your mind! Experience quantum empowerment! Folks, I'm excited to share a rockin’ event, an event that will SHOCK your Mind!   Monday evening, November 5th at 9 PM ET I'm interviewing my friend and mentor, the fabulous Philippe “SHOCK” Matthews.   As Spiritual Entrepreneur, Radical Philosopher and Researcher, Philippe has accessed the most brilliant minds in the world, including teachers from What the Bleep and The Secret, RAMTHA, Dr. Joe Dispenza, Bob Proctor and many more.   His life work is dedicated to understanding universal law and teaching the process of Spiritual Self-Mastery to seekers everywhere.   Don't Miss This SHOCKING event. Join us for a Live, Interactive, Mindset Expanding SHOCKteleseminar.   Register at www.SHOCKTUCK.COM   I'll be talking to ya!

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