Illusions of Mind - The Human Design Ajna Center

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• Does your mind tirelessly prepare for every possible scenario to avoid failure or making mistakes? • When you finally make decisions, does your mind let you know how “dumb” or “wrong” you are for making that choice? WELCOME TO THE ILLUSIONS OF MIND, THE AJNA – the center for mental awareness in The Human Energy Design System. Have you ever been told you are narrow in your thinking (the polite way of saying “opinionated” or “hard-headed”)? Or, have you heard that you’re open to seeing things in many different ways (the polite way of saying you change your mind a lot)? This is the Ajna at work, researching, reasoning, rationalizing, organizing, conceptualizing, doubting, analyzing, formulating (are you tired yet?) ALL of the ideas and inspiration it receives, then needing to be certain about them. NO wonder we live in fear and anxiety! How you perceive, measure and create the illusions of life have everything to do with your mental awareness center, how it’s DEFINED or UNDEFINED and how your center is imprinted with the individual Gates of Fear. Let’s take a look.
The Ajna is our second awareness center guiding your awareness through perception and research. Mind desires certainty to make sense of and know how to navigate your world. With a frequency over time, mind replays your past, projects your future and rationalizes your “now.” Its function is NOT to tell you what to do, but to collect, organize and communicate your human experience. When not attuned, it runs endlessly in loops, anxious and fearful of made up illusions of your past, present and future. When attuned, fears and illusions are navigated, and mind is restored to its natural frequency of peace and balance. A defined ajna (colored in) operates consistently, in fixed, trustworthy patterns. Your mind loves to think and explore. It has preference. When conscious, you are confident, opinionated and not influenced by others. When unconscious, you need to be certain. With the infinite capacity for replaying thoughts, you’ll get locked into loops causing confusion, anxiety and overwhelm. An undefined Ajna (open) has no fixed patterns or consistent way of thinking, changing your mind a lot. Always taking in and amplifying the mind, mental vibrations and fears of others, you work hard to understand, make sense of and know things. Your conditioning creates a need to be smart and certain, bringing insecurity, anxiety and overwhelm. When conscious, fears transform bringing the gift of your open mind to others. REGARDLESS of your definition, mind is NEVER your authority... and there is NEVER a need to be certain!

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