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Folks, this past weekend as I was preparing my Rebel Belle Blog posts, writing on the topic of PASSION, the following synchronicity rocked my world. I was joyfully pondering and making my “What I Am Passionate About” list, in response to Judi Oneal at Edgewalker Blog. Among my list was the following: I’m passionate about my children and live on the edge of my seat in awe and wonder of who they are becoming. Feeling fabulous and pleased as punch after completing my passions list, I opened up my MySpace page to network and play. In my list of bulletins, was an invitation from my daughter to read her latest blog posting. With her permission I share that titled post, “I Am” with you here:
I AM........So I spent the weekend alone pretty much...which is nice, it allows me time to reflect on my present place in life...So anyway I've been doing some thinking about friendships and the type of relationship they actually serve. I've come to realize some thing I always knew. You can never look outside of yourself for love and approval. Granted I know this but sometimes we get caught up in the mundane bullshit, because to be honest most people are, well...mundane. Its takes a very strong individual to take the time to really, really look at themselves for who they really are and not so much who they want to be seen as. You know we're all spiritual beings living a human experience so I guess its the human part of me that sometimes gets caught up in 'what other people think about me'. But then my higher self always come into play to remind me that I am amazing and my purpose here on this planet this time around isn't to have as many friends as possible and party till the sun comes up but it is however, to make a difference; even if that means one person at a time or one person a year. I am here to be a catalyst for change and I am so grateful to those who have allowed me to be my true self because I believe that I have changed they're lives in a dramatic way. I have a circle of friends and those people are more than friends, they are my family....and I have no doubt that they know who they are. I guess in writing this it’s a way for the spirit side of me to speak to the human side of me and be the one that reminds me that the only one who has to accept me, is me. And those who can't may recognize my light but can't handle the glare. I am special and extraordinary and its time for me to own my power because if I don't I'm only doing myself a dis-service. And the truth is everyone in the world can tell me how special I am but the only person I will truly hear it from is the voice within myself...anyway, I just remember today how very much I love myself! Hmmm.....another Rebel Belle...celebrating her uniqueness and who she is.... Life is good living on the edge of my seat…in awe and wonder of my daughter, who she is and who she is becoming……….

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