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I discovered an amazing new word….EDGEWALKER.  Edgewalkers are people who walk between worlds. They’re gifted at seeing what’s in the invisible world and manifesting that in the visible world. They walk into the future then bring back information and ideas that are useful in the present. Edgewalkers have a calling, and courage to answer that call. Isn’t this a cool word? I love it! Okay, so how does an Edgewalker find courage and boldness to walk their unique path? How does an Edgewalker resist pressure from others and the world to conform and stay true to themselves? PASSION – Edgewalkers have passion, passion about something greater than themselves. Edgewalkers have a sense of purpose and a mission that calls them forward. WOW…do I hear a Rebel Belle boldly livin’ from passion, purpose and play?!? Why, I believe I’m an Edgewalker….. Are you one? Visit the originator of this fabulous word at Edgewalker Blog. Be sure to let me know if you’re one too.  

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