Are You Doing What You Love to Do?

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Great question don’t ya think? Well are ya? Are you giving yourself permission to follow your inner voice and heart? It IS guiding you, you know. It’s guiding you toward doing what you love to do, doing what you’re good at and doing what will ultimately have you squeezing the juice.   EVERYONE has a unique voice. It’s inside. It’s in your heart. It’s itching for you to DELICIOUSLY and BOLDLY share your individual expression with the world. Are you listening? If you are, and you STILL aren’t lovin’ what you do, making a difference, feeling fulfilled and squeezing the juice, maybe something is blocking you. You know what? I bet its FEAR. Let’s see…..
The fabulous John F Demartini, star of “The Secret”, brilliantly shares 7 FEARS that stop you from hearing your inspired inner voice and intuition. 1. The FEAR of breaking perceived MORALS and ethics of some perceived AUTHORITY.  “If I do what I really love to do THEY, this perceived authority, might think I’m bad, wrong or worse yet, non-spiritual.” 2. The FEAR of not having the mental capacity, KNOWLEDGE, skills or degree to fulfill your dream and purpose. “It’s safer not to think about what I really want to do. I can’t do it anyway. I’m not smart enough.” 3. The FEAR of FAILURE. “What if I fail? I can’t take a chance. What am I thinking?” 4. The FEAR of not making MONEY. “I’ll never support myself doing what I love to do. I might lose money or worse yet go bankrupt.”   5. The FEAR of losing RESPECT of important people in your life. “If I do what I love to do, my spouse, children or parents will think I’m selfish, arrogant or crazy.” 6. The FEAR of REJECTION by some perceived authority. “OMG! If I do this thing I love what will society think of me? I’ll be ostracized. “ 7. The FEAR of how you LOOK. “What if I don’t have the right body or look for this? What if I don’t have the strength, energy or vitality to make this work? Then what?” Wow, do any of these sound familiar? Such heaviness and my goodness, such DRAMA. Is this really what we do to keep ourselves small? Are these really the excuses and fears that keep us from sharing our AWESOMENESS? 

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