Anxious or Overwhelmed – Where is Your Mind?

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The AJNA CENTER is the center for mental awareness and consciousness in Human Design. It carries a frequency over time, past, present and future. When the mind decides anything that decision lives with you for the rest of your life. Mind is not meant to run your life. It’s your tool for perception, measuring and research. The FEARS of the AJNA are mental and manifest as ANXIETY. Mind gets anxious as it runs amok, trying to make sense of the past, to understand the future, or to know what can’t be known. It needs to be certain. This need creates anxiety. What are these ILLUSIONS and GATES OF FEAR (imprints) in the Ajna Awarness Center that cause Mental Anxiety?
Gate 47 - Realization Fear: Futility Awareness: potential to be inspired by past experience, making sense of it Fear: past experience is pointless and therefore life unfulfilling Gate 24 - Rationalization Fear: Ignorance Awareness: potential and love for pondering and rationalizing the unknowable Fear: is not resolving the mysteries of life Gate 4 - Formulization Fear: Chaos Awareness: potential to form logical answers to doubts and suspicions Fear: of doubt, not understanding or finding solutions Gate 11 - Ideas Fear: Darkness Awareness: possibility that stimulates and shares ideas, beliefs and vision with others Fear of emptiness that comes with a lack of stimulation from ideas, visions or beliefs Gate 43 - Insight Fear: Rejection Awareness possibility to transform and uniquely express inner truth and knowing Fear: being seen as outsider or freak when expressing unique knowing Gate 17 - Opinion Fear: Challenge Awareness: possibility to understand, organize and prepare an opinion Fear: lack of detail and therefore their opinions being challenged by othersl So... where is YOUR mind? Are you anxious and overwhelmed? Are you stuck in the muck and mire of your time machine? ACCESS YOUR GREATEST POWER– the mental awareness of your Ajna. Restore your mind to its rightful place of observation and research. Within your genetic blueprint is the potential for conscious and mental awareness of ALL your thoughts and thought forms. The DESIGN OF YOUR AJNA reveals your fears and patterns of thought, and their movement through past, present and future illusions of your mind. Live consciously NOW. Request your free Human Design Energy Chart. Discover your ajna definition and unique imprinting. To complete an accurate blueprint, you will be asked to provide your date and time of birth as well as birth location. As a gift, you’ll receive Unlocking the Truth of Who You Are, a five-part e-course on the basic elements of your blueprint. If you need more details, as a companion to your personal chart, you may be interested in purchasing my Personal Blueprint PDF Overview, which is designed to guide you through your chart and give an explanation of your type.

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