Women Work and Life Balance - Absolutely!

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My comadre and bellefriend Nancy Marmolejo over at Savy Comadre Blog is challenging a powerful and important myth and topic: Women Work and Life Balance. Is it possible to experience success and balance in all key areas of life? A Rebel Belle Yell! to you for boldly asking this powerful question Nancy. My response is a resounding YES. Yes, yes and yes! I BELIEVE WOMEN CAN HAVE IT ALL; love, well-being, children, work, relationships and FUN, all with a sense of outrageous freedom, squeezing as much juice and joy from their journey as possible. How do I know this? I’M DOIN’ IT! And, I am blessed with fabulous clients who also commit to having EVERYTHING they want, putting themselves and their own happiness and well-being first. This includes having EVERYTHING they desire in life with a BALANCED sense of PURPOSE, PASSION AND PLAY. Whoo-hoo! WHY DO WOMEN FEEL FULFILLMENT IN THEIR CAREERS AND LIFE IS AN EITHER/OR CHOICE?
Perhaps they don’t know it’s possible and perhaps they don’t know how. This Rebel Belle agrees with YOU.....Balance is a CHOICE, and the choice is YOURS. If you’re a woman (or man for that matter) denying any part of life, be it your relationships, work, health, prosperity, or recreation for any other part, the responsibility to change (or not) is yours. I LOVE your steps for change and transformation Nancy, and I’d like to add mine. They happen to be part of The Rebel Belle Guide for Bold Self-Expression to Discovering Freedom (and balance I might add) Full Out and On Your Terms! I’ve tweaked them a li’l for this topic: Step One: Put you first. Love you first. Commit to your personal empowerment, spiritual evolution and of course, BALANCE. Step Two: Overcome your fears (of having it all). Take responsibility for what you believe limits your success and abundance and BALANCE in ALL areas of life. Step Three: Align with your purpose. Aligned with your heart, in tune with your Source, BALANCE becomes your natural flow. Step Four: Trust your heart. Feel good about your choices to participate in ALL aspects of your fabulous work/life with BALANCE. Feel it, feel it, feel it! Step Five: Embrace uncertainty. Dream, imagine and affirm you live a life of joy, BALANCE and EASE doing what you love to do in your work/life. Step Six: When the Student is Ready……Model masterful mentors who live the BALANCED life you desire. Step Seven: Lighten up and have fun. Celebrate, laugh a lot and remember to play. BALANCE IS WHO YOU ARE! Thank you oh so SIZZLIN' Belle with Balls, Nancy Marmolejo for your stimulating and engaging topic!

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