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Folks, I’m still buzzing about Priscilla Palmer’s Personal Development List. I love that I’m one of many blogs listed, and absolutely jazzed with the instant “rolodex” of a Personal Empowerment Community. It got me thinking about the PLETHORA of outstanding mentors, coaches and teachers in the world, especially the ones who’ve touched my life deeply and made an outrageous difference in how I boldly express my voice to the world. I’VE DECIDED TO PAY TRIBUTE, say thank you and BOLDLY express my gratitude to these individuals. They’ve dedicated their life work in service to their purpose. In doing so these masters have expanded, motivated, inspired, and empowered my life along with countless others in the world. Here are 10 of my masterful and inspiring favorites: Bob Proctor Deepak Chopra Dr. Meg Haworth Dr. Carol McCall Frank Mallinder    Dr. Michael Ryce     Debbie “Outrageous” Bermont John Payne Philippe Matthews Emily Diane Gunter Do you have a mentor? Do you have a teacher, coach, guide or trusted person who’s made or is currently making a difference in your life? Please join me to APPRECIATE, ACKNOWLEDGE and EXPRESS your GRATITUDE to the people who’ve inspired your life. Share a favorite Mentor, Coach or Teacher – Pay a Li’l Gratitude Forward. I’ve tagged each one of my favorites and asked they add this list to their blogs (if they have one).  I invite you to share your favorites with me here. I’d love to know who’s rocked your world. Pay a Li’l Gratitude forward. Share the fabulous mentors, coaches and teachers who make an outrageous difference in your world.  

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