No Peace of Mind- The Identity System Loop Part 2

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I’m not good enough, I’ll never be thin. He doesn’t love me. They won’t let me be who I am. I’ll never be rich. I’m not a good parent. I’m not a good business woman. Mom likes her best. I never get what I want. I’ll never be happy until “fill in the blank”.

OMG! Does that make you feel as icky as it does me? Whew!

This is THE DEPRESSOR part of The Identity System. It thinks you’re damaged. The Depressor works hard to reinforce that you are not whole and complete, but SEVERELY DAMAGED with NO HOPE for survival.

In rushes THE FIXER. The Fixer is here to repair you because you’re WEAK and DAMAGED. It creates a REQUIREMENT to pull you out of the muck and mire of your mundane existence with the never ending “to do list” and goals like:

I need to be rich. I need to find my soul mate. He’ll love me when. I’ll show them what I’m capable of. I need to be thin. I must do it myself. If I only achieve or when I achieve “fill in the blank” I’ll be happy........

But, happiness NEVER comes. The Fixer is NEVER satiated. It always needs more, more, more. And, The Depressor is NEVER satisfied. The loop begins again.....

Sound familiar anyone?

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