Fall into Reading 2007

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Katrina over at Callapidder Day’s is gearing up for her Fall into Reading 2007 Challenge which begins September 23rd. I’m excited to ponder the books I’ll be committing to read. I joined the Spring Reading Thing Challenge last March to read and re-read the following books. How’d I do? Power of the Soul - John Holland – YES! Entangled Minds - Dean Radin - Nope Divine Matrix - Greg Braden (a re-read) - Nope Biology of Belief Bruce Lipton – (a re-read) Nope Four Principles of Creation - John L Payne – ( a re-read) Nope Heart of Love - John DeMartini - YES! However, in addition to Heart of Love, I did read:
Coming to Your Senses - Stanley H. Block MD These Things You Shall Do and Greater – Gregg Simmons A Beginner’s Guide to Creating Reality – RAMTHA Power Freedom and Grace – Deepak Chopra Nice Girls Don't Get Rich – Lois Frankel Coaching into Greatness - Kim George I’ve discovered through this process that BOOKS FIND ME! These books rocked my world, or rather my spring and summer. If you haven’t read them, I invite you to put these books on your Fall into Reading 2007 list. I’m going to ponder my fall list…..

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