Bold Self-Expression - A Defining Moment

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“Parents can't choose the mates of their children or the behavior of their children. You actually can't choose anything for your children without disempowering them.” I received this Daily Quote from Abraham-Hicks this morning and reacted immediately with the following thoughts: OMG! Yes….this feels right. My mom NEVER allowed or taught me to be confident in making my decisions. At least that’s my perception and what I made up. One of life’s defining moments of FREEDOM and EMPOWERMENT came at the age of 45. In the midst of divorcing my husband of 20 years, and according to my mom, uprooting my two small children from their world of security, my mom made this comment to me: At what point Tuck, did your happiness become more important than that of your children’s? I remember a long pause…..and having the THOUGHTS….
OMG! She doesn’t agree with me. She'll be mad if I take care of ME. She wants me to do this HER way. Is this MY choice? Do I have the right to make a choice for myself? Do I really put OTHER people’s happiness before MY OWN? I took a deep breath and responded with a nervous but empowered….. You know mom, I get that putting your children’s happiness first was what you needed to do for you and I respect your choice. And, this is the choice I need to make for me. YOU KNOW WHAT? The world didn’t collapse like I expected it to. I made an EMPOWERED decision for the first time in life. I spoke MY truth with BOLDNESS – FULL OUT AND ON MY TERMS!  How ‘bout you? Did your parents empower your choices and behavior? Were you raised to follow and believe empowering choices were made by authority figures in life? I’d love to know….

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