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Folks my good friend and mentor Philippe Matthews of The SHOCKphilosophy Institute of Advanced Manifestation wants to SHOCK (and I say…ROCK!) your mind. He is offering something you CAN afford and CAN’T afford not to do!

For a limited time, Philippe’s inviting you to join the SHOCKcircle! For only $9.95 per month you gain instant access to some of our most life-changing audio/video courses and resources from the leading minds in the world dedicated to intention and manifestation! Shocking…..yes?!?

This IS the most complete and comprehensive Manifestation Circle available in the world today. It not only shocks….it rocks!

Read about the SHOCKcircle here...

Read more for just some of what you will receive when you join the SHOCKcircle:

• Each month you will receive 1-3 audio recordings from prerecorded SHOCKteleconference events
• Substantial discounts on all live and upcoming events
• Exclusive, never before released audio recordings from Quantum Physicist and star of What the Bleep; Fred Alan Wolf
• Recordings of other SHOCKphilosophy Institute of Advanced Manifestation faculty
• Significant savings on upcoming live teleconference events
• Unreleased interviews with stars from The Secret and What the Bleep
• Get 24/7 Audio, Video and Print Access to the Most Brilliant Minds on the Planet!
• An online "manifestation circle" that you get to read and listen to anywhere in the world!

Join me in the SHOCKcircle and rock your world!!! Experience all the success and achievement you can stand for less than you pay for a latte at your favorite Starbucks each month. I’m not kidding folks, this is a fabulous offer you don’t want to miss!

ROCK and SHOCK on......

PS. For a limited time, you can join The SHOCKphilosophy Institute of Advanced Manifestation’s SHOCKcircle One Year Membership for only $99.95 and get Three Months Free!

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