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Its book time again! “Come To Your Senses” by Stanley H Block, M.D. is the Best Book Ever right now. The fabulous SHOCKcoach Philippe Matthews, introduced me to this book, a concept called the Identity System, a method called Bridging, and a rockin’ tool called Mind-Body Mapping. I’m in personal empowerment heaven!

HERE'S HOW IT GOES. The Identity System is who you think you are! It’s your story. It’s the you that drives your thoughts, feelings, emotions and decisions. It’s your DEFENDER and PROTECTOR.

When operating it cuts you off from Source, contracts your awareness, impairs natural functioning and limits possibilities. In essence, it shuts down your senses. OUCH! Sounds terrible, what does that mean? What is means is you’re locked in a loop and there’s NO WAY OUT. Let's see how it works.

The Identity System sets up requirements about how you should be, could be, would be if the world would just do things your way. When the world doesn’t cooperate the loop begins. Thinking you are damaged if your requirement isn’t met, The Identity System has you confused, defensive, overwhelmed, driven, exhausted, tense, nervous, in fear, anxious, overactive need I go on?

And, as if that’s not enough The Identity System thinks it needs to fix you and/or the world. Your loop is off and running. Now you’re lost and caught up in your story and drama. Again, there’s NOW WAY OUT!

NOW HERE’S THE RUB. You’re not damaged. Your requirements are based on false thoughts, beliefs, evidence and assumptions. You don’t need to be fixed. You’re whole and complete just the way you are, functioning freely and naturally as a human energy system connected to your Source.

Access a copy of your free and natural functioning human energy design system chart here. Begin your journey of Coming to Your Senses.

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