Human Design for Career Development – Believer or Skeptic?

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Folks, I recently read an ON THE JOB article in the San Francisco Chronicle, written by Chris Colin. The topic involved the Human Energy Design System, as yet “just another tool” in the career development arena.

SFGate FEATURES: Professionally adrift? Consult your inner neutrinos

My Response and Comment: I'M A BELIEVER! From one 5/1 to another, I’ve discovered enormous value in the study and experience of my design. Perhaps I was looking for answers to who I am versus who I was raised and conditioned to be.

ANSWERS COME FROM WITHIN, neutrino stream or not. Design for me, is a tool of empowerment and understanding, like MANY other tools available today. And, this one rocked my world!

If a tool supports one’s journey toward living passionately, assists in overcoming adversity and basically gives one piece of mind and a greater sense of well-being….WHO CARES how it’s communicated?

If it resonates, EMBRACE IT. If it doesn’t, DON'T. If you’re triggered by it, ASK WHY?

Speaking of parachutes, I’m reminded of the quote by Anthony J. D’Angelo, Founder of The Collegiate EmPowerment Company and creator of The Inspiration Book Series.

“Your mind is like a parachute. It only works if it is open."

CALLING ALL TYPES IN THE WORLD! I'm informing you, inviting you and asking you to respond......

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