WTF? Why is This Happening to Me Again?!?

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Ever have these thoughts?

Here we/I go again!
Is this situation EVER going to change?
If THEY/THIS would change my life would be so much better!

These are every day thoughts for most individuals, usually accompanied by emotional outbursts, anger, bewilderment, confusion and a desperate cry to the Universe of WTF? Why is this happening to me again?

Seldom does it occur to us, when we reach this state, that we are the ongoing consistency of each situation and experience birthing these thoughts. An, “I’m right, you’re wrong” response is the typical trap we fall into. We identify “them” as the “guilty party” or ourselves as a “victim of circumstance”. Frustration, shame, blame, guilt, and at times, conflict ensue. In most cases, it NEVER occurs to us that we might be the ones setting up this whole scenario. And, that we might be the ones to fix it.

As weird as it might sound, your circumstances are yours to fix. You are responsible for the people, events and circumstances that show up in your life. You are the one creating your anger, frustration, conflict and pain? You and your issues!

Got your attention? Tune in for Part 2 of WTF? Why is this happening to me again?!?

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