WTF? Why is This Happening to Me Again?!? Part 2

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Okay…so what’s an issue?

Webster defines an issue as: something that comes from a disordered imagination (disordered imaging…hmmm….does this mean we’re making it up?). My definition of an issue is: a fear, a trigger event that immediately causes a response to defend or blame another, a belief or perception keeping you stuck, paralyzed, in a rut going through the same circumstance over and over, looking for a solution “out there”.

So how do you identify YOUR issues?

Do you have fears? Are you frustrated, annoyed, outraged or triggered by a person or circumstance in your life? Are you driven to fix “them” or “it”, or waiting for “them” or “it” to change, so you can feel better about your life circumstance and who you are?

If this is you, then you have issues. And, if you have issues, then you have fears. And, if you have fears, it means you’re alive and…….there is an end to your struggle! This is good news!! One of your recurring thoughts was, “Is this situation ever going to change?”. The answer……..Absolutely…..…yes, yes, yes and yes!

Your situation, the circumstances and people in your life WILL change. The people and events in your life that push your buttons causing you fear will change………when you change. It’s an inside job, an issue that’s fixed “in here”. Taking responsibility for the frustration, anger and fears you feel, and the trigger events that push your buttons is the key to living a fabulous life, It’s work……but it’s pure freedom!! No longer will you hear yourself say…..WTF? Why is this happening again?!?

So how do you take responsibility for your issues to experience pure freedom and live a fabulous life? Stay tuned for Part 3 – WTF? Why is this happening to me again?

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