WTF? It’s MY issue?

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Okie Dokie, are you ready to work on your issues? I am if you are. I love peeling the layers, digging into my trigger events and the issues that push my buttons. I’m clear that what I resist, persists, what I fail to look at will not go away, that God will continue putting things in front of me ‘til I get it right. How many ways can this be said? It all boils down to the same thing.

I create my reality by how I choose to see, perceive, think and respond. Me…I do it! And, I do all of it. So, when I hear myself saying, WTF? Why is this happening to me again? It’s a “note to Tuck”, to put my full attention on what’s in front of me and ask, What’s MY issue?. I’m the one who is triggered here. I’m the one in fear, judgment, anger and frustration. And, I’m the one with the opportunity to heal and change my reality, or not.

Okay, so what was the area of your life YOU chose to change? Was it finances, career, relationships, your body, health, personal or spiritual empowerment? It doesn’t matter what you chose, only that you realize one very important point:

If you don’t have the money you desire, it’s not about the money.
If you don’t have the body image you desire, it’s not about the diet.
If you don’t have the relationship or job you like, it’s not about your lover or your boss.

What it is about - is YOU. It’s about the reality you choose to imagine, dream up, focus on and think about. And then, you make a choice to live in fear of this imagined reality, as if it is true for you.

Sound weird? Grab your sheet where you chose the area of your life you wanted to change…and get ready to rock your world!

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