WTF? It’s MY Issue? Part 3

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Here is my answer, at least for today:

Conditioning, limiting beliefs, belief systems, living unconsciously, not deliberately choosing my thoughts, any and all of the above and more…..

Bottom line - my issues are mine to own. My fears are mine to overcome. My energy and my emotional reaction is my responsibility. And what a gift! How fabulous it is that I have the glorious opportunity to empower my own healing.

Overcoming fears, releasing guilt, shame and blame, consciously choosing to change thoughts and beliefs clears what’s in the way of having the fabulous life you deserve.

You are a magnificent creator, with endless possibility for living the life you desire, squeezing the juice and enjoying the ride, full out and on your terms!

So how do you use the exercise you completed to release your issues?

It’s simple in theory….a little more challenging in practice, with the operative word being practice. What you most need to work on in yourself, you will project onto others. What you don’t embrace in yourself, you won’t embrace in others. What you blame and punish in yourself, you blame and punish in others. What you need others to do in order to feel better is what YOU need to do for YOU.

It’s not your fault that you have these behaviors, however once aware of their existence your behavior is YOUR responsibility. I’m here for ya! I’ve been doing this work for a long, long time and I’m still doing it. Our work is never done.

How you approach the work makes all the difference in the world. Fear is your friend. Issues are your gift. Trigger events are opportunities to be present to every moment. As you do your work, your life will change. No longer will you hear yourself saying, WTF? Why is this happening to me again?

"Here we/I go again!
”Is this situation EVER going to change?”
“If THEY/THIS would change my life would be so much better!”

You now know…..YOU are the change!!!!

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