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Hey you all. I recently created a My Space page which I am in the process of “spiffing up” or in My Space language, “pimping out”. Here’s an interesting and very inspiring discovery. Most of the people I know using My Space are my children and their friends, so that’s where I’ve been hanging out. And, I gotta tell ya…..these young adults have got it going on.

If I had been thinking the thoughts that these brilliant young minds are thinking when I was their age…..boy would I have quantum leaped in my spiritual and personal empowerment. I’m telling ya…these young adults inspire me tremendously. Let me share a few of the comments and headlines I’ve come across:

"You may recognize the light, but can you handle the glare...

“You are what you think. Think it today. Become it tomorrow. Nothing can help you or hurt you as much as the thoughts you carry in your head.”

"Life's possibilities are endless. The only limitations are the ones we create from fear of failure."

God help you if you are a phoenix and dare to rise up from the ash, a thousand eyes will smolder with jealousy as you are just flying past. ~Ani Difranco

Truly…I do not remember having any of these thoughts in my 20’s. Do you?
Awesome isn’t it? I’m inspired……

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