Are You Aware?-The 3 Awareness Centers in Human Design

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Yesterday, I blogged about The 3 Awareness Centers of Human Energy Design, an empowering system of knowledge that profoundly changed my life, my business, how I coach, interact with and support my clients. These were: The Ajna –Mental Awareness; The Solar Plexus – Emotional & Spiritual Awareness; The Spleen – Body Awareness.

Understanding these centers, how they operate, along with the other 6, provides invaluable information for navigating your life. It will catapult your transformation assisting you to identify the fears, patterns and issues that keep you from manifesting your desires. In addition, it presents an amazing opportunity for attuning your awareness and empowering the gifts you’ve come to share with the world.

How do these 3 centers assist in identifying your fears, patterns and issues? How can you attune your awareness to the mental, emotional and physical energetic frequencies of these centers to navigate your life?

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