An Awareness Thought, Emotion and Feeling!

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A while back I blogged about The Technology of Prayer, a brilliant body of work taught by Greg Braden. My 1st introduction to this technology was Greg’s book, The Isaiah Effect. I was mesmerized as he unveiled a hidden truth and continued to expand upon it in his following books, The Lost Mode of Prayer, The God Code and most recently, The Divine Matrix.

Aligning thought, emotion and feeling from the heart, into a directive force of acknowledgement and gratitude, to proclaim what is - rings true for me and rocks my world. I guess you could say it rings my “belle”!!!

Here’s something else that rings my “belle”. In 2003, I was introduced to a system of knowledge originating from the synthesis of astrology, the I-ching, the kabbalah, the chakra system and quantum physics. A detailed genetic blueprint of our personal energy signature, this system provides a visual tool taking into account Gregg’s 3 modes of resonance and vibration – Thought, Emotion and Feeling.

This unique system takes the energy of thought, emotion and feeling, assigns each to a specific chakra and gives it a frequency. That frequency guides and directs your awareness process in making choices that manifest and create your life!!

Wow….pretty cool, huh? Let’s take a look….

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