Rule One - First Impressions

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In seconds subconscious perceptions of you are generated based on your economic background, education, social position and superficial factors such as wardrobe, hairstyle and manners.

In only 4 minutes they begin to judge your level of trustworthiness, reliability, intelligence, humility, confidence and capability.And the minute you open your mouth to speak perceptions and judgments abound based on the sound of your voice, how you speak and the content of what you say.

In other words people form perceptions, judgments and opinions about you, your character and abilities within 4 minutes of meeting you. None of those are necessarily based in the truth of who you are. 93% of first impressions about you are non-verbal. This means that other professionals are forming impressions about you based on a filter or view (opinions, judgments, perceptions) they have of themselves which they project onto you.

Interesting huh? I thought to myself, is this the belief system we are teaching young adults? Are we teaching them that who they are and how they interact with others will be judged immediately based on the perceptions, judgments and opinions those other individuals have of themselves? Are we teaching that is okay?

Are we fostering the concept that it is okay to form opinions of others within moments of meeting them? And, even more profound are we teaching young adults to change who they are, to mold themselves into a character and “professional” that is acceptable to the “professional world”, regardless if that is authentic to who they are?

Wow! Whatever happened to the concept of authenticity? What happened that we aren’t teaching young adults to be who they are and boldly express their truth? Why aren’t we teaching them that authenticity and truth is “professional” and draws to them circumstances, people, events and all the success they desire? What gives??

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